Corona Free Clinic

What we do

  • ==> Every patient is scrubbed extra orally
  • ==> Pre-procedural rinse with betadine is done for every patient
  • ==> N-95 mask or at-least three ply mask is worn always, as well as protective eye ware, head cap & face shield
  • ==> All our dental clinics are fumigated periodically
  • ==> All the tools are sterilized after every use. All the surfaces are disinfected
General Do's Do's for corona free dentistry Don't
1. Do wear a cloth/mask covering your face at all times, when you are not at home 1. Post a sign at the entrance of the clinic for respiratory infection patient to reschedule the dental appointment. 1. Don't just tie a scarf around your face that is loose fitting and that needs adjustments.
2. Do wash your hands before you wear your mask/cloth. Only touch ear loops. 2. Take Details travel history and medical health history. 2. Don't Panic.
3. Do stay informed of the situation as events & adviseries are rapidly evolving 3. Always take temperature readings. 3. Don't touch your eyes, nose, mouth or face without washing your hands.
4. Do practice good hand hygiene & wash your hands frequently. 4. Use PPE's for all procedures. 4. Don't share utensils/drinking glasses with others.
5. Do wash your hands for atleast 20 seconds and if you can't wash you hands then use an alcohol based sanitizers with more than 60% alcohol 5. Use of rubber dam to decrease exposure. 5. Don't Shake hands or give hugs as greeting.
6. Do cover your cough/sneeze. Best way to sneeze/cough is into your elbowes and not your hands. 6. Sterilization of all instruments. 6. Don't visit your older relations or community members.
7. Do work from home. Leave your home only for essential reasons. 7. Have patients rinse with hydrogen peroxide before every appointment. 7. Don't go to public place.
8. Do cancel electine dental, medical, non essential appointments. 8. Wash your hands for atleast 20 seconds with soap and water or use sanitizer with 60% alcohol. 8. Don't call for testing, if you don't have any symptoms.
9. Do more away from others who cough or sneeze. 9. Ensure safe waste management. 9. Don't go outside without face mask.

From now onwards, We at Spring Dental

  • ===> Will check your temperature & other symptoms.
  • ===> Ask about your recent travel history.
  • ===> Ask if you've been around people with COVID-19
  • ===> Tell you not to arrive early.
  • ===> Place waiting room chairs 6 feet apart (Social Distancing)
  • ===> Space out appointments.